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How do I determine the correct size of a photovoltaic system?

For a correct estimate, you need to consider your electric bills to ascertain the amount of electricity you use on average over a 12-month time span. The power of your PV system depends solely on your energy demand, not on the number of consumers nor on the size of your property. Most houses are supplied with 3kWh of power but the PV system does not necessarily require the same amount, as long as it meets your electricity needs.


How much space does a 1 kWp PV system take up?

Mono-polycrystalline silicon modules occupy about 7.5 square metres, while amorphous crystalline modules occupy about 16 square metres. The space needed varies according to the type of installation.


How much energy can a 1 kWp PV system produce in peak conditions?

According to our estimates, a PV system working at top capacity can produce the following amounts:


Northern Italy = about 1,200 kWh

Central Italy = about 1,300 kWh

Southern Italy = 1,500 kWh


Do I need to modify my electric system when I install a photovoltaic system?

No. Both systems work in parallel but are independent of each other and have separate control panels.


Is a photovoltaic system suitable for an industrial environment?

Yes. Production plants and warehouses, which use a lot of energy both for lighting purposes and for special manufacturing, can benefit greatly in cost-saving terms from PV technology. Their large, flat, shade-free rooftops, provide a most suitable location for PV systems.


Do I need a lightning conductor to protect from lightning discharges?

No. The installation of a photovoltaic system which is partially or totally integrated in the roof does not increase the risk of damage from lightning. If there is a conductor on the roof it will have to be connected to the new system. If there isn't, there is no need to build a new one.


Are the maintenance costs high?

No. Because there are no moving parts, there is little or no risk of malfunction or breakdown.


By how much are CO2 emissions reduced if I use a photovoltaic system?

An average household that consumes 2,800 kWh per year reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 1.5 tons.




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