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What do we do for our clients?

A turnkey system

Enecom assists its client every step of the way.

Enecom photovoltaic systems are based on the most advanced technologies using components of the highest quality-control standards. The turnkey formula fully reflects Enecom's policy of providing its clients with complete support at every stage, from initial contact to system installation.

The professional expertise of Enecom's staff offers a reliable guarantee for anyone wanting to install a photovoltaic system.

When a client decides to install an Enecom system, he can relax in the knowledge that every stage of the process will be carried out with maximum efficiency and care.


Preliminary Advice

Enecom provides its clients with free advice and quotes to help them find the most appropriate system for their needs. Great care is taken to ensure that the system will blend in harmoniously with its surroundings.


System Design

Having examined the new installation site, Enecom, in close consultation with its clients, proposes an installation plan which includes a clear time-table for the clients' approval. The clients will also know how much electricity their system will produce and consequently how much they will save.


The energy account paperwork

Thanks to the energy account enforced in 2007 Enecom Italia assists its prospective clients in taking advantage of the state-guaranteed financial incentives in accordance with the amount of energy produced. This investment exceeds a 10% return on capital.

What's more, Enecom Italia will handle all the paperwork required to get government financial aid.


Thanks to Enecom Italia, easier financial assistance

Enecom Italia has entered into special agreements with top-level financial institutions to assist its clients in securing loans with easy terms at very advantageous interest rates.



Photovoltaic systems





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